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Vapronol T6 in sports

Vapronol T6 is the first adaptogenic complex in sports nutrition with a triple action on perceived & physical stress, oxidative stress & hormonal homeostasis.  By doing so , vapronol T6 will restore your physical and emotional equilibrium in a revolutionary way. 

Mediate exercisers as well as athletes are exposed to high levels of psychological and physical stress. Psychological stressors, emotional stress (competitive pressure, success and failure, perceived ability to cope), excessive training (intensity, duration) and poor rest exacerbate the stress response to exercise.  These stress factors affects performance and increases the frequency of injuries and infections.

To solve this problem, Nanox nutriceuticals brings you Vapronol T6,  wich will reduce the delelerious effects of stress and limit the high levels of cortisol accumulation.  Vapronol T6 is therefore able to enhance recovery and performance.

Vapronol T6 is a true adaptogenic complex which:

  • Modulates the hormonol production
  • Has a natural anabolic effect
  • Is capable of enclosing sugars into muscles and so directly stimulates energetic processes
  • Has strong anti-oxidative characteristics
  • Increases immunity
  • Has a positive influence on biosynthesis of protein
  • Modulates the overproduction of catecholamines in stress situations.

Vapronol T6: your daily elitist lifemanagement partner. 

Vapronol T6 will be revolutionary response to significantly reduce your overall stress symptoms by restoring your emotional and physical equilibrium, providing a powerful boost of:

  • Emotional balance
  • Emotional & Physical resistance
  • Stress Management
  • Post Stress Anxiety level decrease
  • Energy
  • Vitality
  • Potency

This intense complex for your daily life has the following proven advantages:

  • No memory loss (Social memory test)
  • No habituation (CDB model)
  • No addiction (Conditioned place preference test)
  • No sedation (No weight increase)
  • No disinhibition (CDB model and EPM)

Vapronol T6: your new partner for activity, resistance and recovery of body and mind.

Vapronol T6 will quickly and intensively improve your quality of life.
This product comes in a 30 day supply (60 tablets)